A puppet show on the land of the pure!


It is quite tragic to know how some of our political leaders are hell bent to please the Western world in order to get an access into the power alleys of Pakistani government. They promote what their masters want them to perform but at the same time they pretend to be the real saviours of the nation. And ironically we, the poor people of this manipulated country follow the same tried and trusted turn coats over and over again courtesy the ills embeded in our body politic. I hope for the things to change and change quickly for better, the signs of which we are witnessing through an inhanced Media and a rising civil society. There’s much more to do before we could emancipate ourselves from the jaws of our traditional politics where there are puppets, defectors, and plunderers lest we should beocome what I’ve mentioned at the end of the poem below;


A puppet show albeit tragic,
Is being played with a magic,
On the land of the pure,
With the puppets funniest for sure,
But the story is somehow a melancholy,
And the hands with the strings are playing over the folly,
Of an audience who so understands,
The puppets to be their friends,
Not knowing the theme,
Just clapping and screams,
Wasting their time,
And money as dime,
Not knowing the game,
Clapping’s the same,
Till the show’ll end,
And the puppeteers’ll send,
Their men for everything to grab,
And the audience present to stab,
Them with the sharpest of knives,
The land where ignorance thrives,
Will fall courtesy the puppets and their masters,
Its populace will be known as audience to the snake charmers.


3 thoughts on “A puppet show on the land of the pure!

  1. hi friend
    i m back now. i m fine.
    our land is one of the mosrt fertile land of the world. our people are one most talented and intellegent of the world. But unfortunately we are laking true leadership.May ALLAH bless this golden soil with true and sincere leadership

  2. Thanx Raza! your comments will help bring the best out of me….
    And Murtaza! I’m delighted to have finally known that you are back and well….yes we are one unfortunate nation which after the lapse of an epic 60 years are still looking for one great leader to help and lead them with the required sincerity and skill….let’s find one amongst our youth….

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