Seeking redemption…

A thousand times I wished
To have a whole hearted gaze upon thee
And in a blink of an eye
To transform my heart from gloom to glee
I craved it too
To pour the words of romance
Into the pond of your heart
And make it stirr into life; make it dance
Amid desires of mine, amid sighs
You dawned upon the dark alleys of my life
You shone, in your light I found a whole new me
But there were disaster or two
Before I could realize
You left for the reason unknown
Like the Sun sets in the dark
I wished you to be the Sun
To my utter misery, it wasn’t to be
A void was made for eternity
The abysmal void is inflicting
Cruelty upon me
Now I long for you to reappear
Like the Sun after a night, dark
For the process of my evolution has stopped
And I seek redemption in a new start

A poem of love..

My admiration for the poetry of Amjid Islam Amjid is extreme and I’ll love to translate some of his poems in English, my lose grip on the language notwithstanding. Neverthless, I’ve extracted my share of pleasure from whatever I’m posting here. It is hoped the honourable poet wouldn’t mind this rather immaturish effort;
Mohabbat ki aik Nazm
A poem of Love

When I’m remembered,
In the soft, enchanting gleam,
Of the moonlit sky,
Just gaze upon a star,
If it breaks apart,
and falls at your feet,
It as a metaphor of my heart,
If it doesn’t,
But how is it possible?
For something not to break apart,
Not to be oblivious of itself,
After receiving your glance.

Whenever I’m remembered,
Put a hand on the hesitant,
Currents of air,
I’ll be found in the fragnance,
Search for me in the petals of roses,
And I’ll be found in the mirrors of dew drops.

When to see a lit candle,
Me to have burned with each fly,
You, with your hands put the ashes,
Of the burned flies,
Into the river,
Becoming dust, I’ll wander across the oceans,
Halting over an unseen island,
I’ll be calling for you,
While you set off on the voyage of oceans,
Just land on that island too,
Just land on that island too..

Whose hand is it??

As the bloody jaws of terror have englufed Pakistan leaving every sensible citizen of Pakistan awestruck with the severity of its damage to the very foundations of Pakistan’s security, it is high time we recognized the hands behind the heinous acts of terrorism we are coming across at a frequency quite fast, so that to find the course of our future keeping in view the threats internal and external. Below is a poem by Yusuf Abbasi which I came across in his book tited ‘ The Roses Bleed ‘ written back in 1990 but which is qutie relevent to the  current security situation in Pakistan.

Whose hands is it?

Plunging the dagger

Deep into the heart

Of my present joys

And dripping blood

On my paths of future.

Whose hand is it?

Pulling the trigger

Mowing down the youth

Into heaps of autumn leaves.

Whose hand is it?

Setting the torch

To thatched Jhuggies 

Of frenzied women

And dazed children.

Whose hand is it?

Whose face is it?

His, yours or mine image

Or an awsome alein visage

Or, all contorted together

Into a faceless terror

Tearing out the sun at noon

And drowning my world

In a darkness

From horizon to horizon.

Who is it?

Would someone dare say!

But truth has a price

No less than freedom.

Is there no Hallaj?

To pour out his heart

In love and truth

And save this land.

A puppet show on the land of the pure!


It is quite tragic to know how some of our political leaders are hell bent to please the Western world in order to get an access into the power alleys of Pakistani government. They promote what their masters want them to perform but at the same time they pretend to be the real saviours of the nation. And ironically we, the poor people of this manipulated country follow the same tried and trusted turn coats over and over again courtesy the ills embeded in our body politic. I hope for the things to change and change quickly for better, the signs of which we are witnessing through an inhanced Media and a rising civil society. There’s much more to do before we could emancipate ourselves from the jaws of our traditional politics where there are puppets, defectors, and plunderers lest we should beocome what I’ve mentioned at the end of the poem below;


A puppet show albeit tragic,
Is being played with a magic,
On the land of the pure,
With the puppets funniest for sure,
But the story is somehow a melancholy,
And the hands with the strings are playing over the folly,
Of an audience who so understands,
The puppets to be their friends,
Not knowing the theme,
Just clapping and screams,
Wasting their time,
And money as dime,
Not knowing the game,
Clapping’s the same,
Till the show’ll end,
And the puppeteers’ll send,
Their men for everything to grab,
And the audience present to stab,
Them with the sharpest of knives,
The land where ignorance thrives,
Will fall courtesy the puppets and their masters,
Its populace will be known as audience to the snake charmers.

Another eventfull Friday…

Fridays are becoming more and more action packed in Pakistani political sphere, of late. Starting from Friday, July 20th from the historical verdict of the reinstation of the Chief Justice, followed by the rather pretentious Friday verdict of setting aside the petitions by the Supereme court citing technical reasons, filed against the dual office of President Musharraf, till the latest one, the eventul Friday of October 5th to be precise; when the Supereme court rejected the stay petition filed by Jusitce(r) Wajihuddin against holding the Presidential elections and sanctioned the Presidential elections to be held according to the plans but with a check on official announcement of the results till October 17th when Supereme court will announce a full verdict of the review petitions.

In another development on Friday October 5th, the government approved an unprecedented act called “The National Reonciliation Ordinance 2007” which in its early hours is attracting a fair amount of criticm especially from the opposition benches. The government claims it to be a sincere effort of bringing together various stray elements of Pakistani politics by exempting them of the charges filed against them due to one reason or the orther. The ordinance specifically exempts the Politicians from the charges filed against them during the period of 1986 to 1999.

In the opposition circles, it is believed to be especially designed for Miss. Benazir Bhutto,for bringing her into the fold of ruling alliance when she is out of the country facing some serious charges of corruption, but who Mr. Musharraf sees a possible ally when the general elections are just around the corner, hence the much talked about deal. The opposition are doubting the government’s sincerity in announcing the Act, and are demanding the government to allow Mr. Nawaz Sharif, the former Prime Minister to come back from the forced exile if the government is sincere enough in its slogan of national reconciliation.

The Act is fresh enough for one to gauge the public opinion for its validitiy, but a layman would defnetly raise an eybrow over the exemption of the plunderers and looters of the nation from the charges of courruption and treachery , filed against them in different national and international courts, just for the government to derive political strength on the eve of the upcoming elections. The irony is that it is the same government which has been seeking legitimacy bashing the same politicians for quite some time now. Why did the government not think about such reconciliation in all these years when the country has been bleeding from all sides and center? Why this act less than 20 hours prior to the presidential elections?

The nation Pakistan is much more aware of the political scene and the respective players as compared to 2002, courtesy a flourishing media and it is hoped that they will choose the next assembly comprising some men of character (sounds strange though) and will totally reject the world famous turn coats, in order to check this national down slide, otherwise the next five years is long enough a time to wither all the hopes of a stable and progressive Pakistan.