Yearning in Thy court!

I’ve been reading Khalil Gibran quite a lot of late, and the poem below is an inspiration with the great philosopher. I would like it to be commented for my further improvement by you learned visitors as the subject is too deep for an ignorant like mine to indulge, yet these hesitant lines for all of you;

Yearning in Thy court:

Upon hearing Thy knock,
I instinctively unlock(ed),
The doors of my heart,
To greet Thee in.
Was it a sin?
Of me, Thy steps to embrace,
And inflict the disgrace,
Of the people around me,
On this re-united self.

Upon seeing Thy light,
I rose above my height,
To open the doors of my soul,
And let Thy glittering beams in to console,
The gloom stricken spirit residing this hollow,
Tho’u are the one I had to follow,
Then why I’m depathed?
By this crazy mad throng,
All around me.

Thy light, Thy colors, Thy whispers,
Have a force so great when they enter,
In the lifeless dead alleys of my heart,
The ever residing ailments start depart,
And I’m blessed a new life,
With Thee to re-unite,
But only to be lured by the hollow charms,
Of the world outside and harm,
The serene sanctity of my inner,
With my own hands; me a sinner.

Down on my knees, sobing in Thy court,
I yearn for asylum in Thy fort,
Where I become invincible,
And the forces ugly are beatable,
So that I’m triumphant,
And find the salvation,
In the shape of a permanent re-union.


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