Geo’s Great Debate and A.R.Qasuri’s nasty outpour…

The debate over Mr. Musharraf’s efforts to retain the dual office is increasing by the day, especially when the verdict of a case against his dual ambitions is just about to be announced by the apex court. In an episode of  ‘TheGreat Debate’, a series of debates produced by the Geo Television Network, over the issue of Mr. Musharraf’s uniform, his re-election and the constitutional nuances regarding his holding both the offices simultaneously, the Government lawyer, Mr. Ahmad Raza Qasuri displayed a behavior which cannot be called civilized, even by our national political standards.
Responding to a question by the host to explain the terms ‘de fecto’ and ‘de jure’ he extended the answer by refering to the collective impatience of the masses residing the sub-continent. He connected the volatility of the Pakistani people with the characteristics of the hemisphere they are inhabiting. His demand for public perseverance lasted very short, when he exhibited the shortest of tempers himself, when asked by the opposition lawyer, Mr. Munir.A. Malik to confirm whether he had been paid by the Government to defend the position of Mr. Musharraf or not. While he was seemingly hapless to convince the audience present regarding the validity of his stance; the defense of the dual offices, on part of Mr. Musharraf, he ended up using abusive language against, the opposition lawyers and was totally baffled. The hosts of the show were pleading constantly for his language to be decent but Mr. Qasuri exhibited what was extremely disappointing. He even didn’t care about the people present witnessing the show. As the telecast was recorded, parts of the speech by Mr. Qasuri were omitted by the production team, which one got the feeling of, by hearing that strange tones in between the honorable lawyers’ oratory.
Now, if we contemplate and see the language of a few others of Mr. Qasuri’s fellow boat mates like Mr. Wasi Zafar, the former federal law minister and Mr. Sher Afgan Niazi, the federal minister for parliamentary affairs; who happened to be his team mate in the show mentioned above as well, we will find out them to be the ones holding offices of total contrast to what their personalities are all about. All of them are supposed to uphold the rule of law and ensure the dignity of the citizens of this country but what we are getting from their side is total disgrace, indecency and a mockery of the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Moreover, at the helm they are misrepresenting the law of the land resultantly doing a great disservice to the very cause of Pakistan.
The general elections are just around the corner and the time has come for us to choose the course of our direction. We have to be judicious before casting our votes and we have to stop our dear homeland, land in the hands of those who have disgraced the constitution of Pakistan, otherwise the very name of Pakistan won’t take long to cease (God forbid!)….


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