Meri bad-e-saba!

It was something like a bolt from the blue, when I all of a sudden wrote this poem in urdu, my first one of course in this language. I’m still amazed where from these lines came to my mind which I noted down immediately without letting it slip. Later, I tried to translate it into English as well, which is a rather conceptual translation, and not word by word. Here it is for the one or two, who sometimes give it a click to this blog…

Meri bad-e-saba!

yeh zama’n o maka’n,
kuch nahi meri bad-e- saba,
mujh ko lay kay urha!

mujh ko tha kya patha,
zeest ek qatil-e-bay nishan ki tarha,
khushbuo’n ko chura kar chala jaega,
khawb jarh jaaingay,
phool ro ro kay so jaaingay,
jitnay hay aasman nay sitaray sajaye huay,
aik ek kar kay tareek rahon may kho jaaingay,
har taraf aik wehshat si hay,
yeh ummeedain sulagti hui,
teri aahat ki hain muntazir,
ab mujhay tu bata!
kya yahan say guzar tera mumkin bhi hay?
ya keh may hoon haqeeqat say na aashna?
jo bhi hay meri bade saba,
muntazir may tera hi raha hoon sada,
apna chehra dekha,
mujh ko mas-hoor kar kay urha,
or ummeed ko
ek naee day hawa.


O’the morn’s breeze!
Beyond the universe,
And the time zone,
Take me with thee!

Oblivious, I was,
That life like a tracelss killer,
Would snatch away the fragnace,
Dreams will wither,
And the flowers will sleep,
After a long weep.

The stars which adorn the sky,
Will go astray in the abyss of the Oblivion,
I can see the prevailing wilderness,
And the smouldering hopes,
Are waiting for the sounds,
Of your foot steps.

Now, do tell me!
Is it a possibility?
For thee to pass over here,
Or am I ignorant of,
What is called reality?
Whatever! O’ the morn’s breeze!
I’ve been waiting for thee,
Since eternity,
Show me thy face!
Mesmerize me!
And reinvigorate,
My dying hopes.

5 thoughts on “Meri bad-e-saba!

  1. beautiful
    dear itz more beautiful and inpressive when i listen from you. Initialy Ithink you can write poetry only in english but this poen proves you can write in urdu even better. dear its a nice effort. may AALAhH BLESS YOU more creativity.

  2. Simplyyyy awesome…bohot hi khoobsurat kaavish…Allah zor-e-kalam aur badhaai..

    khoobsurat sochon ka guldasta aur english translaration is simplyy mindblowing..u have a good hold on words.

    keep writing n keep sharing..bless you.

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