Yearning in Thy court!

I’ve been reading Khalil Gibran quite a lot of late, and the poem below is an inspiration with the great philosopher. I would like it to be commented for my further improvement by you learned visitors as the subject is too deep for an ignorant like mine to indulge, yet these hesitant lines for all of you;

Yearning in Thy court:

Upon hearing Thy knock,
I instinctively unlock(ed),
The doors of my heart,
To greet Thee in.
Was it a sin?
Of me, Thy steps to embrace,
And inflict the disgrace,
Of the people around me,
On this re-united self.

Upon seeing Thy light,
I rose above my height,
To open the doors of my soul,
And let Thy glittering beams in to console,
The gloom stricken spirit residing this hollow,
Tho’u are the one I had to follow,
Then why I’m depathed?
By this crazy mad throng,
All around me.

Thy light, Thy colors, Thy whispers,
Have a force so great when they enter,
In the lifeless dead alleys of my heart,
The ever residing ailments start depart,
And I’m blessed a new life,
With Thee to re-unite,
But only to be lured by the hollow charms,
Of the world outside and harm,
The serene sanctity of my inner,
With my own hands; me a sinner.

Down on my knees, sobing in Thy court,
I yearn for asylum in Thy fort,
Where I become invincible,
And the forces ugly are beatable,
So that I’m triumphant,
And find the salvation,
In the shape of a permanent re-union.


Geo’s Great Debate and A.R.Qasuri’s nasty outpour…

The debate over Mr. Musharraf’s efforts to retain the dual office is increasing by the day, especially when the verdict of a case against his dual ambitions is just about to be announced by the apex court. In an episode of  ‘TheGreat Debate’, a series of debates produced by the Geo Television Network, over the issue of Mr. Musharraf’s uniform, his re-election and the constitutional nuances regarding his holding both the offices simultaneously, the Government lawyer, Mr. Ahmad Raza Qasuri displayed a behavior which cannot be called civilized, even by our national political standards.
Responding to a question by the host to explain the terms ‘de fecto’ and ‘de jure’ he extended the answer by refering to the collective impatience of the masses residing the sub-continent. He connected the volatility of the Pakistani people with the characteristics of the hemisphere they are inhabiting. His demand for public perseverance lasted very short, when he exhibited the shortest of tempers himself, when asked by the opposition lawyer, Mr. Munir.A. Malik to confirm whether he had been paid by the Government to defend the position of Mr. Musharraf or not. While he was seemingly hapless to convince the audience present regarding the validity of his stance; the defense of the dual offices, on part of Mr. Musharraf, he ended up using abusive language against, the opposition lawyers and was totally baffled. The hosts of the show were pleading constantly for his language to be decent but Mr. Qasuri exhibited what was extremely disappointing. He even didn’t care about the people present witnessing the show. As the telecast was recorded, parts of the speech by Mr. Qasuri were omitted by the production team, which one got the feeling of, by hearing that strange tones in between the honorable lawyers’ oratory.
Now, if we contemplate and see the language of a few others of Mr. Qasuri’s fellow boat mates like Mr. Wasi Zafar, the former federal law minister and Mr. Sher Afgan Niazi, the federal minister for parliamentary affairs; who happened to be his team mate in the show mentioned above as well, we will find out them to be the ones holding offices of total contrast to what their personalities are all about. All of them are supposed to uphold the rule of law and ensure the dignity of the citizens of this country but what we are getting from their side is total disgrace, indecency and a mockery of the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Moreover, at the helm they are misrepresenting the law of the land resultantly doing a great disservice to the very cause of Pakistan.
The general elections are just around the corner and the time has come for us to choose the course of our direction. We have to be judicious before casting our votes and we have to stop our dear homeland, land in the hands of those who have disgraced the constitution of Pakistan, otherwise the very name of Pakistan won’t take long to cease (God forbid!)….

I’ll Rise!

Losing you, I’m withered, went astray,
Who else would pray for me to bloom,
How resplendent the life was! while you were around,
There’s nothing right now, but this prevailing gloom.

This dark, the distress, the destruction isn’t my destiny,
No matter how ugly against me is the events’ mutiny,
I’ll rise, I’ll seize the opportunity!
And will snatch our lost affinity!
From the jaws of the reality.








A current of fresh air, at last!

It’s been quite some time since we last heard something of a happy news from Pakistan cricket, their triumph over Sri Lanka at Abu Dhabi back in May, to be precise. Since then there’s has been nothing but the incidents of disciplinary violations on part of national players, selection controversies, and last but not the least the alluring Indian Crickt League with its monetary jaws wide open to attract the attention of a few national

Now, what I’m aiming to write here is about none other than Pakistan’s last night victory over Sri Lanka at the Wanderers in Johanisburg in the ongoing Twenty20 world cup.

In their first encounter of the Super Eight stage, Pakistan eased into a pleasing win over the much hyped Sri Lankans who have shown a class of their own in their recent fixtures at the shortest version of the game. The Sri Lankan went into the game as favorites with the in form hitters like Jayasuria, Jayawardena, Jehan Mubarak and Sangakara while backed up by their battery of pacers like Fernando, Malinga and Vass. However, Pakistan who lost their last match against India to this peculiar rule of bowl out, outclassed the Sri Lankans in all the departments of the game. Struggline on 34 for 3 from 7 overs, Pakistanis resurrected themselves courtesy a dazzling partnership of 101 from 52 balls between Younis Khan and the Captain Shoaib Malik, eventually getting a fighting total of 189 from 20 overs. Both Younas and Shoaib struck splended half centuries where Younas striking the second big six of the tournament. The Sri Lankan didn’t find it easy to chase this rather stiff target, losing their openers in the space of two overs. Asif removed Tharanga while the new comer Sohail Tanvir getting rid of Jayasuria with his first delivery minutes after dropping him of the bowling of Asif. The introduction of spinners tightened the screws on any Sri Lankan comeback and Shahid Afridi took a haul of 3 wickets from his allotted quota of 4 overs. There wasn’t left much when Umer Gul was brought into the attack who tightened it further with a spell of 2 for 14 of 4 overs. At the end Pakistan emerged victorious with a 33 run margin and gave themselves a realistic chance of making it to the semi finals.
All in all it was sort of a performance that might have brought smiles to the Pakistan cricket lovers. The body language, the passion and the visible improvement in the fitness of this young Pakistan side exhibited a glimmer of hope for the future of Pakistan Cricket. Shoaib Malik led from the front with a responsible yet dazzling knock besides marshaling his troops adeptly in the field. And yes, Younas Khan needs a special mention here because of the way he paced his innings even hitting some lustrous sixes and proving himself to be fit for any kind of cricket, whether its Test crick, One day cricket or Twenty20. Keept it up Pakistan! We want some more!

Meri bad-e-saba!

It was something like a bolt from the blue, when I all of a sudden wrote this poem in urdu, my first one of course in this language. I’m still amazed where from these lines came to my mind which I noted down immediately without letting it slip. Later, I tried to translate it into English as well, which is a rather conceptual translation, and not word by word. Here it is for the one or two, who sometimes give it a click to this blog…

Meri bad-e-saba!

yeh zama’n o maka’n,
kuch nahi meri bad-e- saba,
mujh ko lay kay urha!

mujh ko tha kya patha,
zeest ek qatil-e-bay nishan ki tarha,
khushbuo’n ko chura kar chala jaega,
khawb jarh jaaingay,
phool ro ro kay so jaaingay,
jitnay hay aasman nay sitaray sajaye huay,
aik ek kar kay tareek rahon may kho jaaingay,
har taraf aik wehshat si hay,
yeh ummeedain sulagti hui,
teri aahat ki hain muntazir,
ab mujhay tu bata!
kya yahan say guzar tera mumkin bhi hay?
ya keh may hoon haqeeqat say na aashna?
jo bhi hay meri bade saba,
muntazir may tera hi raha hoon sada,
apna chehra dekha,
mujh ko mas-hoor kar kay urha,
or ummeed ko
ek naee day hawa.


O’the morn’s breeze!
Beyond the universe,
And the time zone,
Take me with thee!

Oblivious, I was,
That life like a tracelss killer,
Would snatch away the fragnace,
Dreams will wither,
And the flowers will sleep,
After a long weep.

The stars which adorn the sky,
Will go astray in the abyss of the Oblivion,
I can see the prevailing wilderness,
And the smouldering hopes,
Are waiting for the sounds,
Of your foot steps.

Now, do tell me!
Is it a possibility?
For thee to pass over here,
Or am I ignorant of,
What is called reality?
Whatever! O’ the morn’s breeze!
I’ve been waiting for thee,
Since eternity,
Show me thy face!
Mesmerize me!
And reinvigorate,
My dying hopes.