You are late!

Hazy nights,
Gloomy days,
Morning’s bleak,
Evening stays,

It was bright,
And delight,
I found,
In your sight,
In the past.

Tide’s changed,
I’m hanged,
By the cruel,

I’m numb,
I’m dumb,
You are late,
I’ve succumb(ed)
To the jaws,
Of time,
I’m dead.

Longing for completion…

Caught in the clutches
of agonising despair
my soul is yearning
for the forces unseen
to come to its rescue.

The burdensome clamps
of distress
is causing my heart to weep
and its hard to keep
the promises I made to myself
of changing the face of the earth
there was no dearth
of skill and vigour
yet I suffer.

There is heart, soul
and vacuum
how should I assume
that I’m complete
for the vacuum needs to be filled.

O! the missing part
of our trio
do smile on us!
for the heart is longing
and the soul is sobbing
do join us!
for the earth is crying
and the promises are
still pending!