Justice Restored..

The decision is unprecedented in the history of Pakistan, so was the struggle for the restoration of the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

The last evening’s decision by the full bench of the Supereme Court of Pakistan which set aside the presidential reference against the Chief Justice besides restoring his position as the Chief Justice culminted the 4 months long campaign by the civil society for releasing the most important pillar of the state, the Judiciary from the clutches of the Executive and emphasizing for the re-establishment of the rule of law and the true spirit of the constitution, proved that the people of Pakistan are yearning for a just and truly democratic system of governance in the country.

If we look back and take the context of the decision into consideration, we will definetly be compelled to term it  a real glimmer of hope for a nation hit by the worst crises of law and order  situation of late.  A nation devastated by the repurcussions of the harsh policies of its moronic leaders at the helm can take this decision as a blessing for their desires of seeing a truly elected governement especially when the general elections are just around the corner. Another pleasant aspect of the decision will be the signals going out of the country as there aren’t positive reasons we are being talked about the world over. This decision surely can be an eye opener for all of those who believe us to be totally devoid of democratic values.

These are important times in the history of the Paksitan. What we need is to show the same unity which the nation exhibited throughout  the course of that popular campaign, to steer our national ship out of the troubled waters…


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