Insane, no he wasn’t,

just wanted to be normal,

he lost his life split in several chambers,

frustrated with his scorned efforts,


he confined himself in a corner,

as his personality was made a pile of contempt,

thus he started to hate himself too,

gradually, he came to terms with the visible hatred,

and made peace with the life miserable,

and unfavorable,

empty was his pot of morality,

because the poverty had snatched his nobility,

his attire was adorned with stone grains,

then he neither had the vigour,

nor attitude to come back into normality,

because he was the heir,

of the filth of streets,

and roads.

( Translation: Originally published in an old urdu magazine and the poet’s name not remembered )


2 thoughts on “Insane…

  1. maryatariq

    we are all used to coming at terms with the filth and the dirt that surrounds us,we all lose hope so easily, but then its unfair to say so, we are made and pushed to loose hope

  2. Yes, we definetly are affected by the external forces. Ideally we ought to be strong enough internally not to be affected too much by the external forces but then again we poor humans are mostly vulnerable to the harsh realities of life…

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