Let the ice break…

In the wake of events when our dear homeland is enveloped by the gloom of uncertainity and crisis, it becomes obligatory to find some silvery words of optimism amids the darkened national horizon. Here is an effort of a translation of a poem by Farigh Bukhari, which seems quite relevent to the situation in hand;

Such is the state,

when this island is surrounded,

by the ocean of blood,

all the birds seem wounded,

dumb is the atmosphere,

such is the fright,

as if the living bodies,

are being buried,

gloom is overwhelming,

and the sun has cooled down,

neither the Moon nor the Stars exist anymore,

gatherings are lifeless,

slaughter houses are thriving,

come on!

let a bird chirp,

let a flower bloom,

let a voice echo,

of a new dawn,

let the water decolorize,

let the melody of life,

be sung in a resounding song.

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