Justice Restored..

The decision is unprecedented in the history of Pakistan, so was the struggle for the restoration of the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

The last evening’s decision by the full bench of the Supereme Court of Pakistan which set aside the presidential reference against the Chief Justice besides restoring his position as the Chief Justice culminted the 4 months long campaign by the civil society for releasing the most important pillar of the state, the Judiciary from the clutches of the Executive and emphasizing for the re-establishment of the rule of law and the true spirit of the constitution, proved that the people of Pakistan are yearning for a just and truly democratic system of governance in the country.

If we look back and take the context of the decision into consideration, we will definetly be compelled to term it  a real glimmer of hope for a nation hit by the worst crises of law and order  situation of late.  A nation devastated by the repurcussions of the harsh policies of its moronic leaders at the helm can take this decision as a blessing for their desires of seeing a truly elected governement especially when the general elections are just around the corner. Another pleasant aspect of the decision will be the signals going out of the country as there aren’t positive reasons we are being talked about the world over. This decision surely can be an eye opener for all of those who believe us to be totally devoid of democratic values.

These are important times in the history of the Paksitan. What we need is to show the same unity which the nation exhibited throughout  the course of that popular campaign, to steer our national ship out of the troubled waters…


Insane, no he wasn’t,

just wanted to be normal,

he lost his life split in several chambers,

frustrated with his scorned efforts,


he confined himself in a corner,

as his personality was made a pile of contempt,

thus he started to hate himself too,

gradually, he came to terms with the visible hatred,

and made peace with the life miserable,

and unfavorable,

empty was his pot of morality,

because the poverty had snatched his nobility,

his attire was adorned with stone grains,

then he neither had the vigour,

nor attitude to come back into normality,

because he was the heir,

of the filth of streets,

and roads.

( Translation: Originally published in an old urdu magazine and the poet’s name not remembered )

The Month Of July…

The month of July…
The start of the month of July hasn’t seen a happy reception with the particular reference to the internal situation in Pakistan as we are witnessing an unprecedented crises of law and order hitting none other than the capital city of Paksitan. The other causes of gloom for the nation of Pakistan of late are natural disasters in the shape of excessive rains, floods and cyclones targetting the provinces of Baluchistan and Sindh causing a lot of casualities and bringing the normality of life into a halt for quite a lot of days. All these developments, it seems have pushed the more sensitive issue of the presidential reference against the chief jusitce of Pakistan, into the background, the result of which might set the path for the national events to move. The natural calamaties apart, such is the timing of the events that one is compelled to doubt a possible hand of the governmental authorities to play foul, be it the matter of upholding the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan or finding false ways to extend its unjustified regime. There isn’t a day when the very name of Pakistan isn’t mentioned in the international newspapers for all the wrong reasons. Neverthless from an optimist’s point of view all this gloom and doom might pave the way for a glittering and shining Pakistan once we are able to clear the haze of uncertainity with sheer unity and character keeping in view the tactics of our ever increasing enemies in and outside the country because the test we are passing through is one of the toughest.

On a  personal note the month of July reminds me the initiation of a few important things in my life, like my birth day on 5th, my blog writing at chowk.com on 8th , and my current job joining date July the 18th.

Let the ice break…

In the wake of events when our dear homeland is enveloped by the gloom of uncertainity and crisis, it becomes obligatory to find some silvery words of optimism amids the darkened national horizon. Here is an effort of a translation of a poem by Farigh Bukhari, which seems quite relevent to the situation in hand;

Such is the state,

when this island is surrounded,

by the ocean of blood,

all the birds seem wounded,

dumb is the atmosphere,

such is the fright,

as if the living bodies,

are being buried,

gloom is overwhelming,

and the sun has cooled down,

neither the Moon nor the Stars exist anymore,

gatherings are lifeless,

slaughter houses are thriving,

come on!

let a bird chirp,

let a flower bloom,

let a voice echo,

of a new dawn,

let the water decolorize,

let the melody of life,

be sung in a resounding song.