Searching my soul..

Since then when there existed none,
till now when everything has been done,
the emptiness of the soul is the same.

Setting out on the journey,
of self exploration,
I lost my mind,
in the haze of time.

Time, the impatient buddy,
showing a few glimpses of you,
ran away in a haste,
increasing my yearns.

Now is a point,
when I’m dying for your presence,
in my hollow worlds of heart and soul,
Nothing can console,
but your subtle whisper,
your smiple nod,
your gleaming glimpse.


One thought on “Searching my soul..

  1. hmm:) i really like speciall your lates poem searching of soul. your poem shown your own feeling and the concept live for some one. thats great.the wording of your poem not usually not use in our regular life.but its good. keep it up.

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