Searching my soul..

Since then when there existed none,
till now when everything has been done,
the emptiness of the soul is the same.

Setting out on the journey,
of self exploration,
I lost my mind,
in the haze of time.

Time, the impatient buddy,
showing a few glimpses of you,
ran away in a haste,
increasing my yearns.

Now is a point,
when I’m dying for your presence,
in my hollow worlds of heart and soul,
Nothing can console,
but your subtle whisper,
your smiple nod,
your gleaming glimpse.

I know not whether its love or what!

I know not whether its love or what!
But I do know there is some phase I’m flowing in,
For the path I’m treading seems wonderous,
But the heart is aching with some pain within.

I know not whether its love or what!
But I’m feeling like I’ve never felt bofore,
I’m sailing on high waters,
But have lost my shore!

I know not whether its love or what!
But I’m learning some lessons clear,
That I cannot deviate what are called realities,
Even after breaking this heart and shedding some tears.

World No Tobacco Day

” It is the inhaltion of tobacco which is the major cause of deaths occured through the lung cancers all around the world” said Dr. Kamran Rashid, a renowned Oncologist in a seminar organised by the Department of Media And Printing of Shifa International Hospital Islamabad in connection with the World No Tobacco Day, yesterday.

All the participating guests at the seminar deliberated on various aspects of the ill effects of smoking on the human beings and their living envoirnments. There came out some shocking statistics regarding the rise of tobacco smoking trends in the developing countries especially those of Asian continent. A participant gave a detailed account of the profits gained by the major European tobacco manufacturing companies selling their brands in Asian countries and their comparative low sales in that of Europe and Americas, courtesy the strict governmental policies and awareness in the masses regarding the hazards of smoking.

The Chief guest of the occasion was Ms. Shehnaz Shiekh, the Minister Of State For Health, who delivered a rather short speech emphasizing on passing on the awareness to lower classes of the society as they are at a high risk of resorting to acts like smoking for the so called ‘ freedom ‘ from their unending deprivations.

There was a poster competition, where the employees and Students of Shifa family participated in highliting the negatives associated with the very act of inhaling tobacco and the poster on the right, prepared by this blogger got the third prize of the overall 25 something posters.

All in all, it was an immensley informative seminar aiming at bringing into the focus a serious issue which if not treated soundly, can prove to be destructive for our coming generations.