This is what published by my employers’ Mini Mag which I’ve contributed in connection with the upcoming International Mothers Day. I had to come up with these words of tribute in an extremely short time as I was informed by our Media department minutes before the actual publishing of the Mini Mag. Although, words cannot describe the amount of emotions one can associate with the very word ‘ Mother ‘ yet I dedicate these lines to my dear mother whose soothing prayers are keeping me composed in this continuous struggle called life.

We are sent to this world,

Bound in relationships to thrive,

As alone in isolation,

We cannot survive;

We can survive!

But not without the one,

Called ‘the dear mother’,

Who can be replaced by none;

O, my dear mother!

You are the reason of my very being,

You are the motivation when I suffer,

You are the sweetest thing,

This world has ever seen.


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