Beautiful Weather

آج اسلام آبادکا موسم انتہائی خو شگوار ہورہا ہے۔میں ابھی ابھی جمعہ پڑھ کے باہر سے آرہا ہوں۔ آسمان پر سرمئی رنگ غالب ہے۔ خوشگوار ہوائیں پھولوں سے خوشبو چرا کر فضاوں میں پھیلا رہی ہیں اور پھول اپنی خوشبوئیں لٹا کر خوشی سے جھوم رہے ہیں۔Moreover the tiny drops of rain seem to be impatient to jump down and grace the atmosphere with its mesmerising touches. My heart has started leaping inside my chest pursuading me to come out of the tense office atmosphere and experience a few moments of bliss outside somewhere in the vicinity. So I’m off for a little enjoyment break .


This is what published by my employers’ Mini Mag which I’ve contributed in connection with the upcoming International Mothers Day. I had to come up with these words of tribute in an extremely short time as I was informed by our Media department minutes before the actual publishing of the Mini Mag. Although, words cannot describe the amount of emotions one can associate with the very word ‘ Mother ‘ yet I dedicate these lines to my dear mother whose soothing prayers are keeping me composed in this continuous struggle called life.

We are sent to this world,

Bound in relationships to thrive,

As alone in isolation,

We cannot survive;

We can survive!

But not without the one,

Called ‘the dear mother’,

Who can be replaced by none;

O, my dear mother!

You are the reason of my very being,

You are the motivation when I suffer,

You are the sweetest thing,

This world has ever seen.

Smaller provinces, bigger problems..

I’ve spent the last three off days from my office in my home town Mardan. Everything in Mardan was the same as I left there about a fortnight back except the hellfire like hot weather which gave one the feeling of the heat of mid June even though it was the end of April. The scorching hot weather was well supplimented by the authorities of our prestigious WAPDA, who were always there to give a reminder of their presence by breaking up the supply of electricity at quite a regular intervals much to annoyance of the inhabitants of a province mainly responsible for the generation of quite a huge part of Pakistan’s hydro-power electiricity.
All these two years in Islamabad, I never experienced such a regularity of electricity hiccups but then again, one has to believe that in Pakistan smaller provinces are treated with a whole lot bias albeit their fair amount of share in the development of the couuntry. I have been the one who has always criticised the people trying to sell their anti state slogans, collecting the sentiments of the masses, holding the state responsible for all of their deprivation but there are instances where one compells to believe in the truth regarding the mass injustices incured upon the people by the center. The complaints of the government of NWFP regarding the fair share in the profit of hydel electricity aren’t unknown to the common man which are now added by a few more voices demanding a justifiable right in the share of the revenue from the resources of natural gas in the outskirts of Kohat and Karak. The irony is that most of the vialliages in Kohat and Karak are deprived of the supply of natural gas which was explored in their own backyard, rather it is being supplied to parts of the Punjab.
In order to stem the increasing alienation of the smaller provinces from the center, the governement should take immediate steps to fulfill its old promise of treating the smaller provinces with uniformity by giving their masses their due share of development so that they can participate more actively in the overall development of Pakistan.