Another twist in the tale..

Another twist in the tale…
The political scene in Pakistan is taking an interesting twist after the spreading news that Musharraf is negotiating with PPP for a possible political alliiance for the upcoming general elections. Now when the governement is anticipating to join hands with the party it can gel well with, in order to promote enlightened moderation, one has to keep an eye on the reaction of its current allies; the PML (Q). This might be a testing time for the leaders of PML (Q) and of course PML (N) for different reasons.
The PML (Q) have extended whatever support they could to promote the cause of Musharraf albeit some ideological differences and a possible deal between Musharraf and PPP could give them a feeling of unfaithfullness on part of Musharraf. They will be feeling as if they are discarded after getting maximum out of them by the tactfull President cum Army Chief.
Moreover PML (N) won’t be feeling easy as well as they are relying so much on PPP to get a combination of democratic forces to dethrone Musharraf from the helm.
As always has been the case, Pakistani politics, just like their political turncoats is turning and twisting with each passing day much to the confusion of the masses as a common man will find it very difficult to choose a man of character among all those opportunists who are always ready to buy power on whatever cost they can.

5 thoughts on “Another twist in the tale..

  1. Yar our people have no choice , In country sides where one police man is king, how can they choose the rigth candidate , a candidates who decide the fate of our country are far more worst than worst.If any one good is there , no body allow him to stay in politics for long. All of them are looters and wait for their turns .Its very sad yar. Our country is so good and i love Pakistan so much but yar our politicians are trying their best to make life hell for ordinary persons.

  2. Yep Soody, you are right, we are the one ufortunate lot who have seen the deficiency of real leaders right from the start of our independence. With a few exceptions most of our political leaders have proved to be defectors and opportunists who have always prefered personal agendas over the causes of the masses hence paving the way for the real power boys, the armed generals.

    Thanks for you comment!

  3. Tell you what, its all about education. Leaders reflect their nation. As generally we are not that well educated, very narrow minded and abject to progress, so are our leader. What is needed? A dynamic education revolution.

    Perhaps blogger community would something about it. Perhaps *sigh*

    The Pakistani Spectator

  4. I agree but you know most of our leaders are and have been either feudal lords or the ones with elite backgrounds and they cannot be counted amongst the ordinary uneducated and poor lot. Lack of education on part of our masses can be associated with our inability to elect genuine leaders but it cannot be an excuse for our leaders because most of them are well educated especially our ‘ graduate ‘ leaders sitting in the parliament now a days.

    Anyways! thank you for your comment

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