For the earth quake affectees

Now when a lot of water have passed under the bridge since the incident of the disastrous earth quake had jolted us all, still one can see the ill effects of the incident surrounding the lives of so may people residing the earth quake hit areas. People in tens of thousand numbers are deprived of comprehensive rehabilitation facilities. Let’s not forget what happened to them and let’s extened our helping hands to the misery hit people in whatever way we can.

Somewhere there were dreams fragile,
Somewhere there was life with smile,

The smile faded, life gone,
The dreams became unknown,

Let’s think, let’s ponder
Let’s wake from the slumber,

Let’s build again a paradize,
For the remains of those with a sad demise,

Look at the child sitting in the rubble,
Teary eyed, caged heart, breathing with a ruttle

The child deprived of pen and paper,
Let’s educate him to prosper

What if they are on the recieving side,
We are here to restore their pride

We’ll rebuild their world again,
And will share all their pain


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