Broken Links…

I know it doesn’t sound good to blow out some severe pessimism from a blog that I have decided to use for all the positive purposes of personal growth and patriotic promotions, but then again some stinging realities are always there to engulf our minds and force us write these kinds of lines.Broken links…

A life which once was associated
with all the beautiful things
is now broken and shattered
sorrows are all that it can bring

A planet which once revolved
around its center
is broken from the orbit
to fall in the abyss
of the oblivion to wander

Where from the joy I can find?
where is the person so very kind?
losing the light, I’ve turned blind!
gloom has surrounded all of my mind.

Another twist in the tale..

Another twist in the tale…
The political scene in Pakistan is taking an interesting twist after the spreading news that Musharraf is negotiating with PPP for a possible political alliiance for the upcoming general elections. Now when the governement is anticipating to join hands with the party it can gel well with, in order to promote enlightened moderation, one has to keep an eye on the reaction of its current allies; the PML (Q). This might be a testing time for the leaders of PML (Q) and of course PML (N) for different reasons.
The PML (Q) have extended whatever support they could to promote the cause of Musharraf albeit some ideological differences and a possible deal between Musharraf and PPP could give them a feeling of unfaithfullness on part of Musharraf. They will be feeling as if they are discarded after getting maximum out of them by the tactfull President cum Army Chief.
Moreover PML (N) won’t be feeling easy as well as they are relying so much on PPP to get a combination of democratic forces to dethrone Musharraf from the helm.
As always has been the case, Pakistani politics, just like their political turncoats is turning and twisting with each passing day much to the confusion of the masses as a common man will find it very difficult to choose a man of character among all those opportunists who are always ready to buy power on whatever cost they can.

Volatile Islamabad…

The Government of Pakistan is passing through a troublesome time as far as the worsening of the security condition in the country is concerned. Adding to the woes of the governement are the threats by the Khateeb of the Lal Masjid in Islamabad when he annonced to start an armed campaign against the alleged business of prostitution, video centers and all the other activites which he claimed are unislamic in nature.
Maulana Abdul Aziz, who is at the helm of the activites at the Lal Masjid which is fast becoming the center of gravity for all those who believe in taking extreme actions to vipe out all that they consider are against the teachings of Islam, threatened the government of carrying out suicide attacks if the governement tried to indulge in stopping their campaigns.
Just a few days back the female students of Jamia Hafsa, an associated seminary of Lal Masjid kidnapped an alleged prostitue before taking by force a few security personnel of the Federal government who tried to stop them from their extreme actions much to the haplessness of the government.
The last month in a half has seen a worrysome surge in the volatility of the security situation in the Federal capital starting from Supreme court fiasco which only the government has to be blamed for. The way the president of Pakistan triggered the suspension of the Chief Justice of Pakistan, accompanied by continuous misinformation about the state of the Chief Justice’ isolation didn’t help stop the negative signals coming out of the country.
The latest in Islamabad should serve as a wake up call for all of us. There are so many things that we should pondere upon. Who we are? Why did we attain independence? Who are the people we are governed by? Why this drift towards two extremes? Which is the way ahead?
Let’s unite to save our true identity and let’s pray for the preservation and prosperity of our beloved homeland.

For the earth quake affectees

Now when a lot of water have passed under the bridge since the incident of the disastrous earth quake had jolted us all, still one can see the ill effects of the incident surrounding the lives of so may people residing the earth quake hit areas. People in tens of thousand numbers are deprived of comprehensive rehabilitation facilities. Let’s not forget what happened to them and let’s extened our helping hands to the misery hit people in whatever way we can.

Somewhere there were dreams fragile,
Somewhere there was life with smile,

The smile faded, life gone,
The dreams became unknown,

Let’s think, let’s ponder
Let’s wake from the slumber,

Let’s build again a paradize,
For the remains of those with a sad demise,

Look at the child sitting in the rubble,
Teary eyed, caged heart, breathing with a ruttle

The child deprived of pen and paper,
Let’s educate him to prosper

What if they are on the recieving side,
We are here to restore their pride

We’ll rebuild their world again,
And will share all their pain