The nation, Pakistan, since then till now…

We were freed,
from the clutches of,
deprivation, injustice, and mistreat,
by our leaders to succeed

We were happy to get an identity,
which would land us to the glory,
dreamed by our leaders,
but we started to kill our emancipators

The start wasn’t a perfect one,
all the good work of the past,
was started to undone,
by the power players
to make the ideology shun

Then started the shameful events,
of descrimination, coups and detraction,
causing for a part of ours,
in seperation

Faint and incomplete as we bcome,
were to be used by the forces outside,
and in return of monatory gains,
we imported a culture of guns,
and drugs which caused us continues pains

Adding insult to the wounds,
became those at the helm,
who robbed us of whatever left in us,
in the name of democracy, freedom and justice

And the men in the millitary attire,
replaced the democratic morons,
to insert new lives in our shattered bodies,
but have rounded their claws like an octopus,
to engulf us all; what an irony!

One step ahead,
two steps back,
has been our story,
still we will strive to be,
back on track,
and achieve what we are destined for,
that everlasting glory.

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