Hopes are about to bloom…

Walking through the scented pine trees at the zero point I feel prompted to absorb all the greenry into my eyes. I gaze at everything around to capture the all beautiful shades of green covering the surroundings before I look up towards the sky and witness the divine strokes of gray on the vast canvas of the sky. Cool breeze is whispering the songs of hope into my ears as I reach to the wagan stop en route to Melody where I am about to appear for an interview which could lead me somewhere closer to a position that I have long dreamed of, stimulated by those fantasies of becoming a part in the development of our deprived masses.

Fortunately I do manage to grab a seat in the local transport without facing too many hiccups and I am at the interview place in a flash.

Here I see a legion of budding young professionals all waiting to have a crack at the advertised position and I wait for my turn as well. The very atmosphere at this office is enough to evaporate all the beautiful thoughts I brought with myslef and it starts to happen when I cast a glance on the faces of everybody present. The silence prevails in the atmosphere and everybody seems annoyed witht the presence of the other competitor. I start to crumble in my thoughts a bit but gather whatever positves I have just when I am about to be called for my turn. And I definetly feel positive sitting in front of that middle aged person busy investigating my resume. I feel so close to that distant world of fantasies right here in the office and I am happy to hear the news that I have been shortlisted for the position.

On my way back I feel like I have crossed the initial milestone and I feel like I am just about to land over the moon. I retrospect and think how I have been managing to knock constantly at the doors of the elusive even having got my hands injured in the process. Am I about to reap the fruits of my steadfastness? Are my hopes about to be materialized? Again I hope so…

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