Basant-At the cost of what?

As we have seen off the unusually harsh weather of winter, we now a days are thrilled by the diversified colors, soft blowing winds and mild temperatures of spring. Spring is a weather associated with the reinvigoration of life in the autumn ravaged plants and brings with iteself a lot for the human beings to enjoy. The arrival of the spring season is welcomed and enjoyed in most of the countries around the world in the forms of different festivities and the arrangements of special gatherings; so is the case in our country. In Pakistan, the festivals like Basant and Shandur Polo Tournament are arranged to herald a month and a half long season in which nature presents its ingredients of beauty in an extravagant manner. In a country like Pakistan where one is constantly feeded with the news of terror, suicides, murders and all that depress the minds and cast gloom, one deservedly needs festivals like Basant to deviate somehow from the realities in hand and cherish a few moments of bliss. But as we Pakistanis often make a mess of any kind of liberty we are given courtesy our inclination for the exhibition of power and wealth, we often end up quite awkward causing damage either to ourselves or our fellow countrymen. Same is the case in our celebration of the Basant festival. Every year countless amount of money is spent on the associated activities with kite flying. Exhibitions of power and weatlh are arranged on the roof tops of popular hotels and houses besides events like fashion shows and musical concerts are organised to promote the soft image of a country where the miseries of reality strike quite hard.

The lives of at least 8 people are reported to be taken by the ongoing Basant festival either in the shape of throat cuttings by the strings of the kites or by the aerial firings. There has been a power break down on at least 500 occassions since the day before yesterday which might have caused severe damage to electrical home appliances and this all has been resulted from a festival of ENJOYMENT. In a country where more than half of its citizens are living a life below the poverty line and where a large portion of its population is deprived of quality education, pure drinking water and electricity, the lavish demonstrations of enjoyment and mauj masti cannot be justified. What we are showing the world through all these over actings are that we are a nation composed of extreme elements, either extremely settled or extremely deprived. In order to move forward or make a name for ourselves in the community of nations we will have to strive for that fine balance, something that can make us flow smoothly to reach our desired glory.


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