Thank God! it is over..

While I was describing about the pleasant effects of rain on my mind I was unaware about the upcoming health hazards I might be facing in the ongoing rainy weather. On the last Monday night I started to feel some severe pain around the areas of my left kidney. The pain was almost unbearable and I was rushed to the hospital by a friend of mine where I went through a period characterised by inexplicable pain, depressed thoughts, and all the related laboratory procedures. One of the veins in my hand was pricked for the insertion of IV canula and I was injected four times with pain killers. The painful condition of my body was worsened by the added thoughts of associated anxiety and lonliness even though I was having the company of a few friends and office mates. The flow of pain killers in my veins gradually helped normalize my physical condition and I felt relieved after the lapse of a few hours.

Now I look back and think it was just a reminder for me to thank Almighty Allah for a gift as precious as sound health which we are being endowed with by Allah but we the blind followers of the materials of the world, sometimes turns a blind eye to acknowledge the blessings showered upon us by the forces unseen unless we find ourselves caught in some kind of a trouble.


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