Here comes the next…

Well well well! The news of these suicide bombings are pouring and pouring as we are stunned by yet another incident of a suicide bomb attack at a tightly packed security zone like Islamabad airport. It is the worst spell of terrorism Pakistan has been gripped by since Pakistan joined hands with its western allies to curb extremism and terrorism. Moments later the arrival of the Prime Minister with Foriegn Minister from Gwadar, a green colored corolla boarding two persons allegedly tried to break into the VIP lounge of Islamabad airport. One of the persons opened fire at the security personnel upon investigation and their subsequent stoppage to enter into the VIP lounge. There was a brief encounter of firing between the terrorists and security personnel before one of the terrorists blew himself up with the explosives attached to his body while the other was caught on the spot. The driver of the vehicle who claims to be a taxi owner having no connection with the terrorists, admittedly accompanied the persons from Pendorha chungi to airport, was also taken into custody for further investigations. All in all it was a brave effort on part of the airport security personnel to stop the terrorists from going inside the VIP lounge otherwise a whole lot of destruction couldn’t be ruled out.

Now if we delve into the issue of this surge in suicide attacks, we cannot look the other way but to our north-western borders, the areas adjoining Afghanistan and of course Afghanistan given the hostility shown by its rulers towards Pakistan in the recent times. In the wake of our government’s suppressive actions in the region of Wana and Waziristan, one cannot ignore the threats given by a tribal leader called Baitullah Masud who has shown to the media a legion of about 100 persons whom he described as the wanna be suicide bombers and whom he threatened to use against the governement in the well established areas of Pakistan in case the Governement continues with its policies of using force in the tribal areas. While things are getting complicated for the governement to tackle the complicated task of suicide bombings there needs a through contemplation over the policies of the present government to check whether we have given too much for a war not initially of our own but which certainly is taking its toll on the masses of Pakistan. The atmosphere of fear and uncertaintly might play a role in destablising our economy and create choase much to the satisfaction of the enemies of Pakistan. Another political twist might be round the corner, like imposition of emegency and postponment of the coming elections.


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