Wounded, shattered, teared NWFP…

The last three or four days have been the worst in the recent history of NWFP as far as the situation of law and order in the provice in concerned. The start of the new Islamic year has seen a worrysome surge in the incidents of suidice attacks aiming at taking the lives of innocent civilians and security forces personnel. The unfortunate incident at Qissa khwani bazar Peshawar was a real shocker for the masses as it took the life of the chief of capital city police, Malik Saad, one of the bravest police officers ever produced by NWFP along with those of 10 others. Another one at Dera Ismail Khan resulted in the loss of two persons as well. One cannot understand the motif behind such an extreme action like a suicide bomb attack even if the issue of sectarianism is taken into consideration. It is true that sectarian hatred and the shameful acts of killings for the sake of a particular sect is unprecented here in Pakistan yet one cannot ignore the indulgence of a foriegn hand in such barbaric attacks. The sectarian religious groups are always there to help the enemies of Pakistan in providing them atmospheres of hatred and suspician to create disturbance in the law and order situation in Pakistan. We have got inept policy makers who are busy winning enemies in and outside Pakistan, sticking to their seats while the poor people of Pakistan are bombed and blown. Whoever’s involvement in the recent soecidal attacks might be, one thing is for sure and that is the creation of an atmosphere of fear and suspician besides adding new dimensions of terror and insecurity to a province already under a cloud of suspician and mistreatment. Let’s pray for the souls of the lost ones and hope for the things to improve in the time to come.


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