The weather is brown but not to keep us down….

I wasn’t aware about the arrival of the fall untill last evening while I was going back from my office. I was rather surprised by the exaggerated colors of brown and pale covering the atmosphere during the time when the sun was sinking down far across the horizon. I noticed the trees being unapparelled and the grass being burnt into brown by the frost of the prevailing cold conditions. The otherwise beautifully arranged grasses and trees on the sideways of Islamabad highway were presenting a deserted look and my mind got some unwanted signals of depression which in turn brought my mood down to a fair extent. Weathers definetly have got to do a lot with the course of human psychology . While there are autumns to give some of us mements of depression and melancholy, there certainly are springs and colors to enjoy what Allah Almighty has blessed us with. Still there are people who spend their lives sailing on the waves of optimism , squeezing happiness from each and every moment of life and cherishing the leaveless and lifeless grasses and trees as if they are full of life and greenry. I wish to be one of the kind who are not bogged down by the harsh dry winds of life but always keep their inner evergreen and see the prospects of blossom in every withering leaf.


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