Looking back at 2006 in a political context

The year 2006 departed without bringing visible positives in the lives of so many people struggling the world over. There wasn’t any improvement in the troublesome situations in Iraq, Palestine, Kashmir, and other politically disturbed parts of the globe.We saw Lebanon in tears, Bangladesh confused and Iran and North Korea enraged. The organisations and agencies like UN, OIC and IAEA weren’t successful enough to get the burning issues of their particular jurisdictions solved or at least create some signs of their solutions. The policies of American President Mr. Bush regarding Iraq and Afghanistan attracted severe criticism and he was dealt with some harsh words of criticism for his capitalistic policies by Vanezvelian President Hugo Shavez during his speech to the UN General Assembly. Not less was the intensity of the furor brought by a controvercial book called ‘ In the line of fire ‘ authored by the Pakistani President Mr. Pervaiz Musharraf in which he allegedly twisted a few crystal clear facts. It wasn’t a much satifying year for another president Mr. Hamid Karzai of another conflict ravaged country called Afghanistan as he didn’t enjoy peace at the helm and his status was reduced to a Mayor of the capital because of his shrinking powers in a country ruled by war lords. Saddam Hussain , the former President of the erstwhile peaceful Iraq was executed to end what I would describe as the Black year as far as the overall miseries of people around the world are concerned. No matter how fluent the voices for peace, reduction of powerty , human rights and political stability were, the reality in the living world was totally on the opposite side. Their was misery , powerty, wars , and unstability for the deprived communities of the world.

Amidst the gloom there were a few silver linings like Dr. Younas of Bangladesh who got a nobel prize for a nobel cause of empowering the common man through his brainchild venture ‘ Gramin Bank ‘ which is spreading like knowing no bounds.

As we have stepped into this new year of 2007 the initiation of which has combined with the happiness of Eid, let’s pray and strive for the current year to be the threshold of a new era for the development , and empowerment of our deprived people.


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