Wounded, shattered, teared NWFP…

The last three or four days have been the worst in the recent history of NWFP as far as the situation of law and order in the provice in concerned. The start of the new Islamic year has seen a worrysome surge in the incidents of suidice attacks aiming at taking the lives of innocent civilians and security forces personnel. The unfortunate incident at Qissa khwani bazar Peshawar was a real shocker for the masses as it took the life of the chief of capital city police, Malik Saad, one of the bravest police officers ever produced by NWFP along with those of 10 others. Another one at Dera Ismail Khan resulted in the loss of two persons as well. One cannot understand the motif behind such an extreme action like a suicide bomb attack even if the issue of sectarianism is taken into consideration. It is true that sectarian hatred and the shameful acts of killings for the sake of a particular sect is unprecented here in Pakistan yet one cannot ignore the indulgence of a foriegn hand in such barbaric attacks. The sectarian religious groups are always there to help the enemies of Pakistan in providing them atmospheres of hatred and suspician to create disturbance in the law and order situation in Pakistan. We have got inept policy makers who are busy winning enemies in and outside Pakistan, sticking to their seats while the poor people of Pakistan are bombed and blown. Whoever’s involvement in the recent soecidal attacks might be, one thing is for sure and that is the creation of an atmosphere of fear and suspician besides adding new dimensions of terror and insecurity to a province already under a cloud of suspician and mistreatment. Let’s pray for the souls of the lost ones and hope for the things to improve in the time to come.

The weather is brown but not to keep us down….

I wasn’t aware about the arrival of the fall untill last evening while I was going back from my office. I was rather surprised by the exaggerated colors of brown and pale covering the atmosphere during the time when the sun was sinking down far across the horizon. I noticed the trees being unapparelled and the grass being burnt into brown by the frost of the prevailing cold conditions. The otherwise beautifully arranged grasses and trees on the sideways of Islamabad highway were presenting a deserted look and my mind got some unwanted signals of depression which in turn brought my mood down to a fair extent. Weathers definetly have got to do a lot with the course of human psychology . While there are autumns to give some of us mements of depression and melancholy, there certainly are springs and colors to enjoy what Allah Almighty has blessed us with. Still there are people who spend their lives sailing on the waves of optimism , squeezing happiness from each and every moment of life and cherishing the leaveless and lifeless grasses and trees as if they are full of life and greenry. I wish to be one of the kind who are not bogged down by the harsh dry winds of life but always keep their inner evergreen and see the prospects of blossom in every withering leaf.

The show is about to begin

The Venue for the match
The first cricket test between Pakistan and South Africa is about to start in a few moments of time. Pakistan arrived at South Africa on 6th January and have played a warm up game against the South African cricket board 11 which ended in a draw. Pakistan looked good in the toor opener as both of their openers Muhammad Hafeez and Imran Farhat scored delightful hundreds besides the impressive bowling performance of Shahid Nazir who got a five wicket haul in the second board elevn innings. The happy moments from the side match apart, Pakistan are carrying some concerns going into the first Test without thier best fast bowler for the last six months Umer Gul unfit due to a knee problem and the last year’s record runs scorer Muhammad Yousaf unavailable accompanying his ill wife having a complicated pregnancy. The initially described unfit Shoaib Akhter is being sent to South Africa as a cover for Umer Gul but his inclusion in the first test is unlikely as he will be jetlagged after the lengthy flight across the continent and will surely be short of practice. The bouncy tracks of South Africa will be tough and challenging for the Pakistani batsmen who find it difficult to tackle the balls rising above the waist and chest area. It will also be a come back match for the talented Muhammad Asif who has had his one year ban overturned by the tribunal set up by PCB. Initially he was banned from taking part in international cricket by a committee after he was found guility of taking performance enhancing steroids. All in all it might prove to be a good contest as the South African are having a problem or two of their own. South Africans wouldn’t find it easy to face the battery of Pakistani pacers who will fancy their chances on those green topped juicy wickets which they don’t normally get in the sub continent.

Looking back at 2006 in a political context

The year 2006 departed without bringing visible positives in the lives of so many people struggling the world over. There wasn’t any improvement in the troublesome situations in Iraq, Palestine, Kashmir, and other politically disturbed parts of the globe.We saw Lebanon in tears, Bangladesh confused and Iran and North Korea enraged. The organisations and agencies like UN, OIC and IAEA weren’t successful enough to get the burning issues of their particular jurisdictions solved or at least create some signs of their solutions. The policies of American President Mr. Bush regarding Iraq and Afghanistan attracted severe criticism and he was dealt with some harsh words of criticism for his capitalistic policies by Vanezvelian President Hugo Shavez during his speech to the UN General Assembly. Not less was the intensity of the furor brought by a controvercial book called ‘ In the line of fire ‘ authored by the Pakistani President Mr. Pervaiz Musharraf in which he allegedly twisted a few crystal clear facts. It wasn’t a much satifying year for another president Mr. Hamid Karzai of another conflict ravaged country called Afghanistan as he didn’t enjoy peace at the helm and his status was reduced to a Mayor of the capital because of his shrinking powers in a country ruled by war lords. Saddam Hussain , the former President of the erstwhile peaceful Iraq was executed to end what I would describe as the Black year as far as the overall miseries of people around the world are concerned. No matter how fluent the voices for peace, reduction of powerty , human rights and political stability were, the reality in the living world was totally on the opposite side. Their was misery , powerty, wars , and unstability for the deprived communities of the world.

Amidst the gloom there were a few silver linings like Dr. Younas of Bangladesh who got a nobel prize for a nobel cause of empowering the common man through his brainchild venture ‘ Gramin Bank ‘ which is spreading like knowing no bounds.

As we have stepped into this new year of 2007 the initiation of which has combined with the happiness of Eid, let’s pray and strive for the current year to be the threshold of a new era for the development , and empowerment of our deprived people.