Its in your eyes…

They say eyes are the windows of heart and I believe eyes are precious than life because they are the cause to feel life in its fullest, to witness the colors and shades of life, to choose and recognize one’s course of life and more importantly to see the creations of Allah almighty and strive to find the ultimate truth with the confidence in your senses. Eyes are the most wonderful of all the human organs as they initiate whatever a man does or thinks. They form a perfect combination with heart and soul whenever there is a talk of love, beauty, spirituality and mystery. Eyes can be mysterious, revealing, deep, thoughtfull, and crazy. There can be found countless verses of poetry and innumerable paragraphs of prose all over the world where poets and writers have described eyes in so many different perspectives in their art works. So enormous has been the importance of eyes in the lives of so many people that even the tineist of gazes of the opposite genders have changed the distiny of their lives where some have acquired ‘ love at first sight ‘ while there are others who have spent their entire lives trying to get the slightiest of glances of their favorite ones. Eyes can be of so many colors and shades ; black, blue, aqua, hazel, brown, and the mixture of all these colors. There is so much to write on the vast subject of human eyes but what I want to write at the moment is to describe how severely it hurts when your eyes are aching just like mine at the moment. It has been the case with me from the past three to four years that whenever I have increased my sitting hours in front of the computer or whenever I have started to read the written words for longer periods of time, my eyes have started to give me the feelings of severe pain besides accumulating unwanted tears and giving me irritations. Now it will be almost be criminal on part of me not to get my eyes examined by some able eye specialist as I have been the culprit of extreme negligence in giving my body a proper care. I have never felt the extreme importance of eyes in the past as I am feeling now and the reason being the little misery I am experiencing sitting in front of my computer monitor right now.


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