Busy Times

The departing year of 2006 is taking its toll on my body and mind by consuming every day, hour and moment of mine in solving some sort of a complicated task, be it in the office or my living room. The last day of the previous week threw at me one of the toughest of my official duties of approving the attendences and preparing the monthly salaries of my department having a strength of 27. I had to complete my task within a deadline of a few hours as it was decided to award employees’ monthly salaries in advance due to the arrival of Christmas and Eidul-Fitr. Some severe brainstorming helped me complete the job but as usual there wasn’t even a word of encouragement from the side of my bosses. The cold behaviour of my superiors sadened my mood a bit and I returned home to spend the weekened in a mood not so jolly. Fortunately there were lots back home to derive energy and inspiration from and I returned back to Islamabad surrounded by the prayers of my mom and the well wishes of my near and dear ones. Monday was as busy as usual and I completed the complicated task of assigning duties to the shift workers for the upcoming month of Jan 2007. Tuesday was consumed solving the differences among a few of my subordinate staff and writing a few official memos apart from fixing the stock levels for the closing of the year. There was a network breakdown at my work place on wednesday and every unit was looking like scattered besides everybody underwent through tiresome times and confusion associated with doing work manually instead of easily handled softwares.

This morning I started off attending a weekly departmental meeting and listening to the usual stuff and decisions which are never applied but got some useful practice of drawing cartoons on my minutes writing note book. The day is not bad so far as I’m getting some time which I  badly needed to write down my mind and break the shackles of this state of unexpressiveness. I’m praying for the cool departure of the current year and for the coming one to be a symbol of success, happiness and revival of my broken dreams.

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