I am coming

I am coming….Be OPtimistic
I have got the feeling that I am about to achieve what I have dreamt of ‘ landing into some sort of a job where I can try and fulfill my long awaited desire of doing something positive in the development of my beloved country’. The indications are bright and my optimism is back with a promise of permanency and durability. My constant knocks at the door of the elusive are about to be heard and replied with a willing nod and I am preparing to meet my lost friend ‘ success ‘.
I am not a born optimist, a pessimist rather, who have always seen a glass half empty. It was sort of a phenomena, I was aware of it right from the days of my consciousness , but I couldn’t do anything about it, even if I wanted so. It grew with me, flowed in my veins, kept me in the dark until I realized the desctruction it can trigger on ones personality. Pessimism is a silent killer which deprives a person from enjoying the beauty this life holds and sucks the life out of an otherwise sound personalilty. So was the case with me. I wasn’t enjoying the perfect combination of positive toughts and winning actions, that’s why my desires have left me wanting for a long period of my life. I didn’t feel at home even after managing to achieve a few of my dreams, something was lacking.

Then came a point of action and I decided to do something about it. I have started putting in conscious efforts in diverting the flow of my thoughts, from darkness to light, from dullness to colours, from hopelessness to hopes and all in a sudden, the glasses were looking half full, even if they were half empty. This sligh shift in my thinking is showing me another world, a world full of beauty, hope, serenity, and success. The day is not far away when my fantasies will be materialized and this new born Optimism will help me land into my desired horizons.

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