Its in your eyes…

They say eyes are the windows of heart and I believe eyes are precious than life because they are the cause to feel life in its fullest, to witness the colors and shades of life, to choose and recognize one’s course of life and more importantly to see the creations of Allah almighty and strive to find the ultimate truth with the confidence in your senses. Eyes are the most wonderful of all the human organs as they initiate whatever a man does or thinks. They form a perfect combination with heart and soul whenever there is a talk of love, beauty, spirituality and mystery. Eyes can be mysterious, revealing, deep, thoughtfull, and crazy. There can be found countless verses of poetry and innumerable paragraphs of prose all over the world where poets and writers have described eyes in so many different perspectives in their art works. So enormous has been the importance of eyes in the lives of so many people that even the tineist of gazes of the opposite genders have changed the distiny of their lives where some have acquired ‘ love at first sight ‘ while there are others who have spent their entire lives trying to get the slightiest of glances of their favorite ones. Eyes can be of so many colors and shades ; black, blue, aqua, hazel, brown, and the mixture of all these colors. There is so much to write on the vast subject of human eyes but what I want to write at the moment is to describe how severely it hurts when your eyes are aching just like mine at the moment. It has been the case with me from the past three to four years that whenever I have increased my sitting hours in front of the computer or whenever I have started to read the written words for longer periods of time, my eyes have started to give me the feelings of severe pain besides accumulating unwanted tears and giving me irritations. Now it will be almost be criminal on part of me not to get my eyes examined by some able eye specialist as I have been the culprit of extreme negligence in giving my body a proper care. I have never felt the extreme importance of eyes in the past as I am feeling now and the reason being the little misery I am experiencing sitting in front of my computer monitor right now.

Busy Times

The departing year of 2006 is taking its toll on my body and mind by consuming every day, hour and moment of mine in solving some sort of a complicated task, be it in the office or my living room. The last day of the previous week threw at me one of the toughest of my official duties of approving the attendences and preparing the monthly salaries of my department having a strength of 27. I had to complete my task within a deadline of a few hours as it was decided to award employees’ monthly salaries in advance due to the arrival of Christmas and Eidul-Fitr. Some severe brainstorming helped me complete the job but as usual there wasn’t even a word of encouragement from the side of my bosses. The cold behaviour of my superiors sadened my mood a bit and I returned home to spend the weekened in a mood not so jolly. Fortunately there were lots back home to derive energy and inspiration from and I returned back to Islamabad surrounded by the prayers of my mom and the well wishes of my near and dear ones. Monday was as busy as usual and I completed the complicated task of assigning duties to the shift workers for the upcoming month of Jan 2007. Tuesday was consumed solving the differences among a few of my subordinate staff and writing a few official memos apart from fixing the stock levels for the closing of the year. There was a network breakdown at my work place on wednesday and every unit was looking like scattered besides everybody underwent through tiresome times and confusion associated with doing work manually instead of easily handled softwares.

This morning I started off attending a weekly departmental meeting and listening to the usual stuff and decisions which are never applied but got some useful practice of drawing cartoons on my minutes writing note book. The day is not bad so far as I’m getting some time which I  badly needed to write down my mind and break the shackles of this state of unexpressiveness. I’m praying for the cool departure of the current year and for the coming one to be a symbol of success, happiness and revival of my broken dreams.

Words of a lonly heart

The search is on,
for the one who wakes me,
from the dreams,
I’m dreaming.

The seach is on,
for the one who calls me,
to follow fantasies.

Clueless are the paths,
I’m treading,
where’s the magic,
flashes on and off,
are keeping me,
life doesn’t feel like,
all I had are taken,
by the crual magic,
the magician doesn’t seem like,
and I’ve been indulged,
in a game of hide and,
The game of LOVE is,
It can take lots,
while giving,

I am coming

I am coming….Be OPtimistic
I have got the feeling that I am about to achieve what I have dreamt of ‘ landing into some sort of a job where I can try and fulfill my long awaited desire of doing something positive in the development of my beloved country’. The indications are bright and my optimism is back with a promise of permanency and durability. My constant knocks at the door of the elusive are about to be heard and replied with a willing nod and I am preparing to meet my lost friend ‘ success ‘.
I am not a born optimist, a pessimist rather, who have always seen a glass half empty. It was sort of a phenomena, I was aware of it right from the days of my consciousness , but I couldn’t do anything about it, even if I wanted so. It grew with me, flowed in my veins, kept me in the dark until I realized the desctruction it can trigger on ones personality. Pessimism is a silent killer which deprives a person from enjoying the beauty this life holds and sucks the life out of an otherwise sound personalilty. So was the case with me. I wasn’t enjoying the perfect combination of positive toughts and winning actions, that’s why my desires have left me wanting for a long period of my life. I didn’t feel at home even after managing to achieve a few of my dreams, something was lacking.

Then came a point of action and I decided to do something about it. I have started putting in conscious efforts in diverting the flow of my thoughts, from darkness to light, from dullness to colours, from hopelessness to hopes and all in a sudden, the glasses were looking half full, even if they were half empty. This sligh shift in my thinking is showing me another world, a world full of beauty, hope, serenity, and success. The day is not far away when my fantasies will be materialized and this new born Optimism will help me land into my desired horizons.

Shoaib Akhter and M. Asif are back

A new twist of the story..
Well, the story regarding the use of banned substances on part of Muhammad Asif and Shoaib Akhter and their subsequent punishment in the shape of a ban from taking part in international cricket for a period of one and two years respectively took a new twist as their bans have been overturned by the tribunal set up by the PCB to review the appeals of the fast bowlers against their ouster from the mainstream cricket. The tribunal arrived at the verdict with a ratio of 2 : 1 with Justice Fakhruddin G Ibrahim and Hasib Ahsan both of the opinion that the players had not taken the drugs knowingly and that they should be given benifet of the doubt keeping in view the context of their intake of the substances while they were recovering from injuries taking a wide range of healers and revitalizers.
The decision however is bound to have some serious repurcussions as World Anti Doping Agency was keenly observing the situation and ICC being a signatory of WADA cannot look the other way in case WADA differs with the decision took by the Pakistani tribunal. While one can sympathize with the innocence of Shoaib and Asif one cannot deny the role of PCB for its nonesensal acts in bringing up the matter to world’s attention without doing any homework of creating awareness among the players regarding the ill effects drugs might have on the lives and careers of the players.
It is a welcome news for so many of the Pakistani cricket fans as they will be able to see their fast bowling heroes in action in the near future and the arrival of these two surely will increase the chances of Pakistan in the upcoming world cup.

Mo Yo Going Great Guns

Its heartening to see how Mohammad Yousaf is transforming himself into a batting genius, a far cry from the shaky and inconsisstent Yousaf Youhana which he used to be. His recent achievements of breaking three world batting records is a manifestation of the mental and tactical composure he has gained in the last one and a half year. The transformation in his career figures may be attributed to several factors like his extra efforts in the nets as well as the gym, his teaming up with the coach Bob Woolmer to discuss his batting technigue, and last but not the least his conversion as a Muslim which admittedly he rates as the most significant factor in inserting that vital factor of serenity and calm in his life in general and his stay at the crease in particular in the midst of the heat of the playing situations.
No matter what the reason of his recent success is, Mo Yo surely is looking like a silver lining in the gloom that has surrounded Pakistan cricket now for quite some time.