The Big City Blues

One of big worries one faces persuing career in a big city like Islamabad is finding a proper place to dwell having a reasonable rent besides having those basic essentials like clean and abundant water, gas, continuous electricity and a calm atomosphere. I have been experiencing the same problem from the past few days as I have decided to leave my current place of residence due to the vast chasm between the ways of thinking of me and my flate mates.
The search for a new living room is proving to be a gigantic task with so many obstacles in the shape of high rents, unhealthy sorroundings, water problems and sometimes mentally retarded owners. Another novelty of big cities is a growth of part time property dealers who are always on a look out to trap the necessaty stricken people by charging them sizeable amounts in return of rendering them a little bit of information about the places for rent in their areas. One of the above mentioned property dealers showed me a few attractive signs about getting me a room as per my likings yesterday and I have crossed my fingers to wait and see what happens with my desire of getting a suitable place to live.

One thought on “The Big City Blues

  1. Hello Adil,

    So you’re looking for a room too? I have about 15 days before I move to Islamabad. I have to find a suitable room with decent surroundings. Do you have any idea what the good affordable places are… somewhere around or accessible to the F-5 area?

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