And the power show goes on…

The recent killings of innocent madrassa students by Pak Army is another manisfestation of our government’s ambitions of promoting the national interests of all but Pakistan.
Brutality is at its peak in a state where a tyrant is preaching the lessons of democracy, notwithstanding his millitary attire and opressing actions.
Bajaur is the center of attention after the upleasant episode of Wanna in North Waziristan, where the blood of assumptive ‘ enemies’ has been drained in a quantity enough to germinate the seeds of hatred, suspician, and extremism against the center in general and the prestigious Pak Army in particular. Slowly but surely we are heading towards the state of a civil war
All these events are bringing some big questions to be answered;

1) Is there any proof that all the targetted victims were terrorists?
2) Don’t we have a system where the suspected ‘ enemies ‘ should be trialed?
3) Why this cornering of small provinces?
4) Who are our real masters? What is the state of our soveriegnty?


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