Pakistan cricket under a cloud…

There is something new in the long line of controversies, Pakistan Cricket is going thorough, since the Oval fiasco and this is about the usage of performance enhancing drugs by two of its leading fast bowlers–Shoaib Akhter and Muhammad Asif. It has been learnt that Shoaib Akhter and M. Asif are being sent back from the ICC champions trophy sqad after they were declared positive in a doping test, conducted by the PCB. Pakistan Cricket is under a cloud of controversies and the latest one has the potential to distorte the image of Pakistan for a longer period of time to come, given the number of opponents we have in world cricket. As for Shoaib and Asif, one cannot comment anything yet, as the scence is not clear right now….
I am apprehensive about the things to come as people will have a chance to point fingers at the honesty and credibility of Pakistani cricketers….
But one thing is for sure, we are not helping ourselves out of the quagmire of suspicion, rather keen to incite world’s wrath and brining a bad name to what we are representing…..
For the time being, our chances to move further in the champios trophy are narrowed to the limit…..

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