The First Step…

I was involved in a rather detailed conversation with a few people last night regarding some important issues of our time like religious sectarianism, policies of the dictator, our declining social values, and America and Dubya. It was nice to be a part of a group where opinions were voiced and listened in a calm and considerate manner and it was something that we don’t have often. Last night’s conversation was a deviation from the grim situation we are finding our youth that is ‘ the lack of interest in current affairs and shying away from positive dialogues ‘ . Unless and untill we develope a sense of interest in solving the problems confronting us by taking the initiatives in the form of discussing it, our dreams of making our country free from internal as well as external evils cannot be materialized. Some will argue that we are the one talking nation without being able to do anything concrete, but one thing is for sure, nothing great can be accomplished without taking the first step and with a firm and purposeful step we can cross all the hurdles and we can rise to the glory we are dreaming off.

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