Don’t Go!

Don`t go….
Tears will flood out,

Dreams will be shattered,

And the candles of hopes will burn down,

Your departure will leave the caravans of laughter,

Stranded in the ways of your town.

Dreams Unlimited

A thousand years I waited,
To rejoin you,
I tried to explore the myths sorrounding your eyes,
I kept illuminated the thoughts of your glimpses ,
Even in the darkest of the skies,
I tumbled, recoverd, limped, exhasted, regrouped,
Walking the journey with a tireless ambition,
Of getting your very sights,
Ah! thats it!
Here are your eyes, blended in mine,
And your soul meshed with my soul,
A new era has started,
Of serenity, beauty, charm,
And mystery for others to solve….

A pleasant change

A pleasant change…
And it rained last evening with some fearsome thunderstorm and powerful winds. It was the time of sun set when the horizon showed a unique combination of colours, where the orange of the departing sun mixed with the greyish colour of the overwhelming clouds before the drops of rain came whispering down to cause a much wanted change in the weather at Islamabad. It was another blessing of the Almighty Allah in the blessed month of Ramadan.

May we be surrounded by the blessings of Allah forever.


Flashes are invading,
My mind and fading,
At a speed so fast,
Of the time that has passed,
Past is storming my brain,
And forming with my present an unending chain,
A chain of multi colours,
Of hazy nights,rainy days, and hot summers,
The future says, ” keep your past away !”
But one thing surely I have to say,
Your memories are here to stay,
For they guard my heart against decay.