Political Dissent – The lowest ebb

The current political situation in Pakistan is unprecedented in its history, not with respect to political rivalries and the associated manoeuvrings but because of the way our body politic is dying a slow death courtesy the degeneration of moralities and the mass exodus of ethics out of our political discourse and practices.

There is an utter disregard towards values like respect for the opposing ideology and forbearance over political dissent. All we have are sharpened knives that are instantly out as soon as somebody utters a word incompatible to our set of beliefs.

The most unfortunate aspect of today’s immoral, less tolerant political culture is the proliferation of an ill-cultured, intolerant social media generation who could be seen at each others throats whenever you log on to the battlefields of facebook, twitter or any other related forum where the freedom of expression is criminally abused. Our politicians keep churning the dirt to feed the smear campaigns running at full throttle on our social media forums and there is no regulation whatsoever, nobody to stop this collective suicide of moralities.

While we are so busy bringing each other down, we have almost forgotten that we are in the midst of the month of August — the month of the creation of our homeland. Imagine if any of the founding leaders of Pakistan gets to see what we are doing to each other, to our institutions, will he be proud of the sacrifices they rendered for us. I am not sure. If motherland is like a mother, we all should behave like the proud sons and daughters of the land. This is the time to introspect, not to disrespect the sacrifices rendered by our forefathers. There is not pill for the ills of our nation except unity. If are to survive, we have to be united, holding on to the values of tolerance and respect. These keyboards and touch-screen wars will get us nowhere.


The best package deal on Eid

If we get rid of the S word ‘selfish’ and adopt the S word ‘sacrifice’, we could well attain the ultimate S in ‘satisfaction’. The best Eid package deal is up for grabs; come on folks.



Youth Are The Lifeline

I am posting here an old essay of mine that I wrote back in 2011 but the relevance of which cannot be denied in today’s or future Pakistan, though the relevance and importance of a young population could spring hopes of a better future anywhere in the world.

A French proverb goes like ‘youth lives on hope, old age on remembrance’. Here we would discuss in detail the first part of the French wisdom that is universal in soul and has proven right time and again.

The evolution and progress of societies need solid grounds i-e the strength of population, the economic resources, cohesion etc. Today’s world that is massively populous, less ethical and dangerously power-centric, is a practical example of Herbert Spencer’s coined phrase of ‘the survival of the fittest’. Hence for a given society to survive and thrive, it must have a well managed and conspicuous chunk of youth population, for youth are the most potential and capable of all the segments of a society.

In the above context, the struggle for the independence of Pakistan was the fruition of the efforts of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan who channelized the energies of the Muslim youth through the Aligarh Tehreek. Allama Mohammad Iqbal deemed the awakening of the Muslim youth to be the only way out of the British and Hindu manipulation. He did stir that hope in the Muslim youth, hence the creation of Pakistan.

The preservation of independence they say, is the hardest part. Sadly enough the post independence era in Pakistan saw the demise or ageing of the stalwarts of the Pakistan movement and there was no next breed of the erstwhile inspired youth to carry the country through to progress and prosperity. Men with myopic vision and unsatiable lust for power took reigns one after the other squandering  a significant part of the country in the process.

Yet Pakistan emerged out of many a catastrophe mainly courtesy the vibrancy of its youth. Were it not for the  valiance of its Jawans in the war of 1965, Pakistan could so easily be a victim to the whims of the neighbor. The devastating earth quake of 2005 saw the emergence of a new, refreshing face of the Pakistani youth who employed all their capacities to help the earth-quake stricken stand on their feet. Be it helping the war-hit IDPs or the flood affectees, we have numerous examples of the sincerity and capability of the Pakistani youth to transform despair into hope.

Pakistan is fortunate in a way as to have a youth population of more than 50 percent, larger than any other neighboring country. If properly channelized and groomed it could make wonders. Today when Pakistan is caught in the worst internal and external crises, one finds hope to see the organized bodies of the Pakistani youth on the social networking websites and their activism on roads to help bring positive change in the society. In the prevalent gloom if the national horizon flashes with any light they are the silver lines drawn by the brilliance of youth.


Re-visiting my blog

Now when I’ve re-stepped into this blog after an eon’s gap, do I realize that am in the mid of a desert that once was not so deserted. There’s plenty amount of water passed under the bridge of my life ever since, for better, thankfully. There’s a thick layer of rust accumulated over my thinking brain and my writing pen though. For now I do intend to update this space more regularly by trying not to let go off ideas without giving them some kind of a shape here, the way I used to treat them in a distant past. The forms and shapes of the ideas may not be as decent as one or two of my previous writing efforts were, I’d still like them here for something is better than not writing at all.

Hope for an update on this blog very soon.



Water Cycles

Like that of nature, there is a human emotional water cycle going on in sensitive beings. There are wells within chests that swell upon digging – the deeper the stimulus the more the water awash the eyes. There are sighs that form the rainclouds. Rains are blessings but emotional floodings wreck havoc at times.

If the cracks

Left in the trap doors

Of the dungeon of your being

Are punitive enticements –

Fanning your crave

To be out there in the open –

Then you sure make a tryst

Of a heart, letting the rays

Of a love feel their way in.

The larger scheme to contain

Thus, is all vain.

We had nothing much

Between us,

Except for a seed,

Soiled deep in our chests

It never grew into a shade.

In the universal drought

Of light, the weather took lives

To change.


We have nothing much

Between us

Except for a fruit

We are never meant to taste.